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Preess Resort & Hotel

Preess Resort & Hotel is the first five-star hotel adopting nature concept in Hunan. It locates beside green mountains and a beautiful lake. The environments are quiet and refreshing, which make it a fascinating place for your attending conference, enjoying leisure time and spending vacations. The hotel consists several sections: the Main Building, the Building of Conference and Restaurant, SPA, Villas, a Nature Ground and a Platform of View. We have 303 guest room/suits, 14 villas and 11 conference rooms, and we provide all services from dinner services to entertainment. The hot water of SPA is taken from 100-meter-underground mineral water, it is famed for its Silicates, which is king element of groundwater in Changsha City. With the facilities we provide you superior services of SPA. Our services join personal recreation and business services together with personal care and efficient services. Many services such as the Golden Key Service advance business service to cultural level. Preess Resort & Hotel gives you various joys of culture, health and vacation.

  In December, 2003, Preess Resort & Hotel won the prize of “ecological Hotel” and the prize of “Dedication of sustainable development” in the International Forum for Sustainable Development and Consumption. Preess Resort & Hotel held two festivals of SPA culture in 2004 and 2005, which successfully won prestige of the Brand, and the hotel joined the Alliance of Golden Key Hotels (AGKH)” in April 2005. General Manager Liu became an honor member of AGKH. June 2005, Preess Resort & Hotel won the NO.1 “Service Prize of Golden Key Hotel” on the International Conference of Hotel Service. Mrs Liu became one CEO of ADKH in Asian area.In november,2005,Preess Resort & Hotel won the International Hotel Prize and the Prize of Thematic Hotel of China; meanwhile Mrs. Liu was honored as one of “Ten Outstanding leaders of Hotels in China” she was given “Outstanding Dedication to Hotel Culture”. Preess Resort & Hotel has been qualified as a unit of sanitation level of 5 A in Hunan Province, and the hotel has been official Hotel for holding conferences of Hunan Travel Association, Restaurant Association and Hotel Association.

Address:NO.8,Xingcheng Street Wangcheng District, Changsha, Hunan Province

P.C.: 410219

Tel: 867318388888

Fax: 867318388999



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