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Qianlonghu Eco-Tourism Holiday Village

Qianlonghu Eco-Tourism Holiday Village is located at Getang Township, Wangcheng County, 30 miles away from Changsha downtown. It has been listed as the 7th largest countryside tourism enterprise, the largest scaled and the most influential enterprise in the field of leisure agriculture in China. It integrates business conference, entertainment and holiday spending, tourism into a whole with completed recreational functions of eating, residence, tourism and purchase, etc.

Baiguoyuan (Fruit Garden)

Covering an area of 1100 mu, the Fruit Garden is under the command of Hunan Agriculture Bureau. It is jointly invested by the Ministry of Agriculture of China and Hunan Provincial Government as the breeding ground for the high-quality fruits and tea seeds. It is the largest ecological garden of modern agricultural high-tech in Hunan Province.

Jinxiu Ecological Farm

Jinxiu Ecological Farm is a famous scenic spot for business conference, entertainment, and going for holiday. It showcases Hunan’s farm characteristics and advocates “new farm, new health, new life”.

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