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Changsha Tongguan Ancient Kiln Site

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Changsha Tongguan Ancient Kiln Site

Tongguan Kiln site as one of the major sites to be protected at the national level is located at Caitaoyuan village of Wangcheng County's T-shaped town, 20 kms away from Changsha downtown.

It is located in Tongguan town, 30 kilometers from the Changsha city near Xiangjiang River. It is the subtropics hill terrain where rivers and lakes are developed. There are 19 ruined kiln dated back to the Tang dynasty along the Xiangjiang River. "The dragon kiln" is located on the hillsides and the thickness is about 3.7 meters. You can see granite level bridge everywhere. The great numbers of kilns spreads all over ten miles of the Tongguan town in the heyday. There are ceramic everywhere and is known as "ten miles ceramics cities". The old town's inhabitants makes pottery whereby ceramic is the main source of income and living.

The painted porcelain under the glaze was first invented in Changsha Kiln, which changed the uniform pattern of porcelain wares before Tang Dynasty(618-907). The porcelain style in this kiln was unique across the country at that time, Wen introduced. Changsha Kiln was also one of the famous production bases of porcelain products for export which could be bought in 29 countries and regions in the world. At present the key protection area of the site covers only 4 hectares, too limited for both protection and development and disappointing many visitor for not being allowed to pay close visits.Thus the construction of this cultural park will help unveil the mystery of the ancient kiln existing more than a thousand years ago.

Name: Changsha Tongguan Ancient Kiln Site
City: Changsha
Address: Tongguan Town/ 30km from Changsha
Admission: Free

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