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“L” Visa For A Foreigner (Over The Full Age Of 60)

“L” Visa For A Foreigner (Over The Full Age Of 60) Who Has No Immediate Family Members Overseas, And Is Seeking Refuge With His/Her Immediate Family Members In China

Documents required

1Valid passport, visa and the last entry record(copies included)

2One recently—taken 2-inch full-faced, color photograph

3. The Household Register and ID card of the Chinese family member whom the applicantapplies to seek refuge with, or Permanent Residence Permit of a the foreigner whom the applicant applies to seek refuge with;

4. Notarized certificate for family tie;

5Notarized certificate of the applicant being without immediate family members in any other foreign country;

6. Notarized applicant’s income documents or economic guarantee of the family member he/she seeks refuge with;

7. Notarized leasing/renting document or house ownership documents of the applicant or the immediate family member whom the applicant seeks refuge with

8Completed “Visa and Residence Permit Application Form”

90ther materials, if necessary

“F” Visa For Foreigners Invited To China

F” Visa For Foreigners Invited To China On A Visit Or On A Study, Lecture Or BusinessTour, For Scientific-technological Or Cultural Exchanges, For Short-term Refresher Course Or Job-training.

Documents required

 1. Official letter from the host unit( stating the basic information of applicant reasons for applyingitems and period of stayetc)

 2. Valid passport, visa and the last entry record(copies included)

 3. One recently—taken, 2- inch, full-faced, color photograph

 4. Completed “Visa and Residence Permit Application Form”

 5. Other materials, if necessary

Residence Permit For Foreigners Entering To Invest, Work, Teach or Perform In Changsha

Documents required

 1. Official letter from the host unit(stating the basic information of applicantreasonsfor applyingitems and period of stayetc);

 2. Valid passport, visa and the last entry record(copies included)

 3. One recently taken, 2-inch, full-face, color photograph

 4.Investers,workers or teachers should submit a “Work Permit” or“Foreign Expert Certificate”(copies included)

 5. Performers should submit documentation of approval by the Ministry of Culture or the Provincial Department of Culture

 6. First-- time applicants should submit health certificationIf you are reapplying for a residence permit but you have left the country since your first arrival, you need a new health certification(applicants under the full age of 18 are exempt)

 7.Those holding an “L” or“F” visa for investing or working as executives \technical advisors should submit copies of a business license and the registration certificate of the enterprise or representative office

 8. Completed“Visa and Residence Permit Application Form”;

 9. Other materials, if necessary


1.The above applicant’s accompanying spouseparents or children (under the full age of 18)should submit certification for family relationship. If the certification is produced by foreign organizations, it needs to be attested by the Chinese embassies or consulatesThis material should be submitted with a copy of the investor’s/ worker’s/teacher’s/performer’s passport and residence permit.

2. Time required: 5 working days (If all the information supplied by applicant is correct and complete.)

How to apply to study self-financed in China?

CSC takes charge of the applications for and management of the Chinese government scholarships for foreigners’ study in China, takes charge of the application and enrollment of candidates recommended by overseas academic institutions, educational organization or non-governmental friendly associations, and takes charge of individual’s application to study in China as self-financed student. However, for those individual applicants to apply as self-financed, a better and quicker way is to contact the institutions by themselves. On you can find the specific contact information of Chinese institutions accepting foreign students.

Which etiquette should be taken care of while meeting each other?


Generally, one may be introduced by others or make self-introduction at the first meet. No matter being introduced or making self-introducing, the way should be nature not precipitate. When introduce a person, you should gesture politely by hand. Pointing with fingers is not acceptable.

There are sequences in introduction. You should introduce the young or people in low rank to the old or people in high rank; men should be introduced to women. When doing introduction all people should stand up except women and the elder. However this might be neglect at table. The introducee could just give some indication like smile or nod.    
Handshaking is etiquette when meeting or parting in most countries. On social occasion, handshake is not unusual. Generally handshake happens at meeting and introducing. Usually make a hold without effort. However the young or people in low rank should forward to show the respect to the old or people in high rank. Men only hold the finger part of women.

There are sequences in handshake too. Hosts, the old, people in high rank and women should offer their hands first. Guests, the young and people in low rank greet first then waiting for hands of their counter parts then hold them. Do not intercross while many people handshake at the same time. Wait till others finish their handshake. Men should take off their gloves and hats before handshake (according to western custom, people in high rank or women might handshake with gloves). When attending large-scale activity, for there are too many people, you could handshake with the hosts and greeting others with nodding, instead of handshaking. Soldiers with hat should raise their hands then handshake. You should look at your partner not others with smile. Some people from Buddhist countries in south and East Asia do not handshake, instead they close their hands to greet others. However we do not do this except we are treated this way. 

When meet acquaint ant people from distance in public place, generally you may raise your right hand to greet and nod. Hand-kissing and going down to ones knees are the ancient European etiquette, not often used at present

How to use 110?

110 is an alarm system, it can be used when you are in dangerous or in case of emergency. So it's necessary to remember this telephone number and learn how to use the system. After putting through 110, you will firstly hear such a prompt in both Chinese and English: "Hello, here is 110 alarm service", then an operator will hear your case. Please answer the questions according to the requirements of the operator, such as your name, position and contact ways and so on as well as the basic information of the case alarmed. Generally, you should remain at the position where you give the alarm to wait for policemen and contact with them as soon as they arrive. Please keep the site untouched so that the policemen can acquire evidences at the site. If you put through 110 by mistake, please hang up immediately.

How to deal with the register of native-foreign marriages?

How to apply for a green card in china?

The applicants should fill the Chart of permanent resident permit in China for foreigners'  honestly and hand in the documents below:

First, the valid foreign passport or other documents which can take place of it

Second, the health guarantee certificate by Health quarantine department appointed by Chinese government or foreign medical organization of the hygiene authenticated by embassies and consulates stationed abroad of China.

Third, the non-criminal records abroad authenticated by embassies and consulates stationed abroad of China

Four, four recent front colorful photos with hat off of 2"

Five, other documents prescribed by this measure

The aliens, who are sanctioned for permanent resident in china, will get Alien Permanent Permit signed by the Ministry of Public Security. The abroad applicant with Form of Confirmation of Alien Permanent Permit , going to the embassies and consulates stationed abroad of china apply for D visa, then obtain the Alien Permanent Permit in 30 days after entry in china from the public security organ which accept the application.

For investment:

Is there requirement of the lowest registered capital in setting up foreign-invested enterprise?

As to the lowest investment of setting up foreign-invested enterprise, it shall be implemented in accordance with specific regulations of the state; if there are no specific regulations, it shall be implemented in accordance with Company Law; namely the lowest registered capital of Limited Liability Company is 30,000RMB; the lowest registered capital of one person Limited Liability Company is 100,000RMB. The lowest investment of registered capital shall be relevant to operation scale of the enterprise.

What does feasibility study report of Chinese-foreign equity joint ventures refer to?

Basic Conditions Name of equity joint venture, legal address, purpose, business scope and scale; Names of parties to a contractual joint venture, registry country, legal address, legal representative, title and nationality; Total contribution of contractual joint venture, registered capital; Duration of the contractual joint venture, profit distribution ratio of each party of contractual joint venture and loss sharing; 2. Producing arrangement and its basis. Market requirement condition, predication methods as well as production capacity of the present and under constructed items both domestic and abroad shall be indicated. 3. Material supply arrangement and its basis 4. Project site selection and its basis 5. Technological equipment & technological process selection and its basis 6. Production organization & arrangement and its basis 7. Environment pollution treatment, labor safety & sanitary facilities and its basis 8. Construction method, construction scheduling and its basis 9. Fund raising and its basis 10. Arrangement of foreign exchange revenue and expenditure and its basis

If foreign-invested enterprise has already been set up, but investment is not totally contributed at the present, can they increase registered capital?

In principle, application of increasing registered capital can be submitted when original registered capital is totally paid. However, if the initial registered capital is paid in time and justifiable reasons are submitted, registered capital can be increased after approved by examining and approving organ.

Can foreign-invested enterprise decreases registered capital?

Generally, foreign-invested enterprise can not decrease registered capital within operating period. If justifiable reasons are submitted and registered capital has to be reduced, the company shall publish an announcement in the newspaper and report to original examining and approving organ of foreign investment.

Can the founded foreign-invested enterprise enlarge business scope?

If the foreign-invested enterprise plans to enlarge business scope, only when due registered capital is contributed in time can the enterprise applies it to original examining and approving organ of foreign investment.

What’s proportion of making contribution in intangible assets? Is there restriction of 20%?

As indicated in Rules for the Implementation of the Law of the PRC on Foreign-Capital Enterprises, if a foreign investor makes contribution in terms of industrial property or specified specifications, the amount of pricing thereof shall not exceed 20% of the registered capital of the foreign-capital enterprise; refer to Company Law, if there is no specific regulation in Law of the PRC on Sino-foreign Equity Joint Ventures or Law of the PRC on Sino-Foreign Cooperative Joint Ventures.

Can Chinese natural person be Chinese investors of foreign-invested enterprise?

Under the regulations of Foreign Investment Law, Chinese natural person can not be Chinese investors of foreign-invested enterprise, while when a foreign investor merges a domestic enterprise, in which a Chinese natural person is a shareholder; once approved, the Chinese natural person can continue to be a Chinese investor of the enterprise in the conversion of the Domestic Company into a newly established foreign-invested enterprise.

Can an established foreign-invested enterprise make investment in China?

An established foreign-invested enterprise can make contribution in domestic China, if it has paid all registered capital; the enterprise operates regularly and starts to gain profit; and there is no criminal record.

What forms can be applied for a foreign investor to merge a domestic enterprise?

There are 2 forms including equity acquisition and asset acquisition. Equity acquisition means that a foreign investor's purchase by agreement of the equity of a shareholder in an enterprise other than a foreign-invested enterprise or subscription to a Domestic Company's capital increase, resulting in the conversion of the domestic company into a newly established foreign-invested enterprise. Asset acquisition means that a foreign investor's establishment of a foreign-invested enterprise and purchase by agreement, through such enterprise, of the assets of a domestic enterprise and operation of such assets, or a foreign investor's purchase by agreement of the assets of a domestic enterprise and use of such assets to invest in and establish a foreign-invested enterprise to operate such assets.

What main protective measures will be applied to creditor in merge and acquisition?

Legal obligation inheriting of rights and obligor are different according to merge and acquisition methods. Protecting benefit of creditor and domestic employees; 1. For an equity- based takeover by a foreign investor, the foreign -invested enterprise established after takeover shall succeed to the credits and debts of the domestic company it mergers or acquires. 2. For an asset - based takeover by a foreign investor, the domestic enterprise which sells its assets shall undertake its former credits and debts. The foreign investor, the domestic enterprise to be taken over, the creditors and other parties concerned may enter into a separate agreement on the disposal of the credits and debts of the domestic enterprise to be taken over, provided that this agreement shall not impair the interests of any third party or public interests. An agreement on the disposal of credits and debts shall be submitted to the examination and approval organ. 3. A domestic enterprise to sell assets shall, not later than 15 days before the investor submits the application documents to the examination and approval organ, send a notice to the creditors and shall publish an announcement on a provincial newspaper or above, which is circulated nationwide, while it is not required to implement procedural prerequisite of notifying creditor in an equity- based takeover. As to announcing and notifying to creditor, there is no specific regulation on Provisions on the Takeover of Domestic Enterprises by Foreign Investors, so it shall be issued in the registration administrative organ and other relevant organs.

Is there requirement of the lowest registered capital to Investment Company?

There is requirement of the lowest registered capital to Investment Company, and the lowest registered capital is 30,000,000USD.

How to obtain import and export operation right for a foreign-invested enterprise?

If the foreign-invested enterprise shall increase only import operation right but not engage in domestic distribution, it can enlarge relevant business scope directly at administrative authority for industry and commerce, followed by dealing record of import and export management right at Changsha Municipal Bureau of Commerce via its converted business license. If the foreign-invested enterprise shall engage in domestic distribution, import and export, it shall handle formalities to enlarge business scope in accordance with Regulations on Foreign Investment in Commercial AreasCircular of the Ministry of Commerce on Expanding the Business Scope of Non-commercial Foreign-funded Enterprises to Include Commodities Distribution and Notice of the Ministry of Commerce on Matters Relating to Additions to Distribution Business Scope of Foreign Invested Non-commercial Enterprises.

How does foreign-invested construction enterprise obtain relevant qualification?

In accordance with Regulations on Administration of Foreign–Invested Construction Enterprises of the state construction departments and original Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, Regulations and Regulations on Administration of Construction Enterprise Qualifications, Relevant Administration of Qualifications in the Administration of Foreign-invested Construction Enterprises Provisions Implementing Measures, foreign–invested construction enterprise shall obtain approval documents and certifications from foreign investment examining and approving organ with relevant limits of examination and approval authority according to applied qualification grade and register in administrative authority for industry and commerce first, followed by preparing qualification examining documents by combining conditions of industry background of the investor, project performance, professional personnel, management personnel and investment scale etc according to relevant qualification management regulations and qualification grade standard of construction enterprise, and then it submits qualification application to construction competent authorities.

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