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Wangcheng Seeks Business Cooperation

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Wangcheng Seeks Business Cooperation on Guangzhou Investment Promotion Seminar   

 Situated in the outskirt of Hunan provincial capital city, and reputed as the "home of ceramics" and "home of stone marble",  Wangcheng County held a Seminar on Hunan (Guangdong) Business Promotion and the Singing Ceremony on Major Projects in Marriott China Hotel Guangzhou on August 8, in order to strengthen the exchanges and cooperation with the Pearl River Delta Region.
    Co-hosted by Wangcheng County CPC Party Committee, Wangcheng County Government and Hunan Chamber of Commerce, and organized by the Guangzhou-based World Vision magazine, the event attracted a large number of businessmen and journalists. As a county newly ranked as one of the top 100 counties across the country, it fully displayed its overall strengths, favorable environments both on living and investment, and the sincerity of attracting investment on the forum.
    Wangcheng County, the cradle of under-glazed ceramics in the world, the hometown of a great soldier, Lei Feng (a model PLA soldier, renowned for his devotion to communism and Chinese people; in 1963, Chairman Mao initiated the campaign to learn from Lei Feng ), and the "City of Hope" renowned by former central leaders, ranks as one of the top three in its overall strength in Hunan. As it enjoyed convenient transport system, rich natural resources, advantageous location, good investment environment, preferential policies and well matched infrastructure built around its economic development zones and such industrial parks as Tongguan Circular Economy Base, a batch of listed companies and world top 500 enterprises such as Zoomlion, Wantwant, Anheuser-Busch InBev, Heji Huangpu and Hengda Group have settled here one after another. An industry group therefore is taken shape, featured by food and medicine, electrical energy, non-ferrous materials processing, packaging, manufacturing, entertainment, high-end real estate projects.
Taiwan Wantwant Group, the world rice food products leader, increased its investment capitals for 6 times after it set up its first factory in Wangcheng. It is estimated that businessmen's average interest gained here reached 10.6%, with a much higher level than the national one.
    During the forum, five major projects were highly recommended and have attracted lots of businessmen from Fujian Province and Guangdong Province. They are Binjiang New District Construction Project, Tongguang Ceramics Industry Park, Dingziwang Stone Industry Park, Changsha Circular Economy Industry Base, Wangcheng National Agriculture and Sci-Tech Park.

    On the opening ceremony, the following 6 projects were signed up,Tung Lo Wan Business Square, Taiwan Kefeng Group UPS Cooperation Project, Changsha Tongguan Circular Economy Industry Base Heat Supply Network, Dingzi Stone Industry Park, Banma Lake Real Estate, with a total contract amount reaching over 10 billion yuan. With obvious advantages in development and prosperous prospect, all these projects are the representatives of Wangcheng's major developing areas and Industries in the future.
    300 businessmen participated in this activity with great interest. They marveled at the fruitful achievements Wangcheng County has made, and showed considerable interest in investing in Wangcheng. Huang Jiahui, secretary of CPC in Wangcheng County Committee and Tan Xiaoping, prefectural governor of Wangcheng County, state in an interview that Wangcheng will vigorously implement the developing guideline of 'industry-oriented & coordinating and balancing urban-rural development' in accordance with the developmental positioning of turning Wangcheng into a new area along the Xiangjiang River as well as the sub-center of Changsha, Hunan's capital city. They will facilitate the new-type industrialization, urbanization and the construction of new countryside in Wangcheng, unswervingly stick to the principles of mutual benefit and opportunity-sharing, so as to build a cordial, secure and profitable environment for investors, and open further to the outside world in higher extent, broader areas and on higher level.

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