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Preferential Measures of Attracting Investments

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Notice about Printing the Wangcheng Preferential Measures of Attracting Investments of Wangcheng People’s Government

All township people's governments, all the subordinate organizations directly under the county and various units:
Wangcheng Preferential Measures of Attracting Investments has been examined and approved by the County People’s Government and now sent to you. Please implement it fully.

March 19th, 2009 

Wangcheng Preferential Measures of Attracting Investments

Article I These Measures are formulated, in accordance with the related superior regulations and our county's actual need, in order to further open up to the outside world, optimize investment environment, attract and encourage investment and speed up county economic development.
Article II These Measures apply to the new investment projects that register in Bureau of industry and commerce or Bureau of tax in our county and to the technological innovation projects of existing industrial enterprises.

Chapter 1 Fiscal and Tax Rewards

Article III The county government will annually reward the newly invested industry, agricultural industry and tertiary-industry projects (excluding real estate), whose tax paid are one million yuan, half a million yuan and over a million yuan, with 40% of the county-collected revenue according to their actual tax payment within four years from the date of contract.
Article IV The newly invested projects (excluding real estate) that tally with any of the following items will be yearly rewarded 60% of the county-gained revenue according to their actual tax payment within four years from the date of contract.

  • The investor in our county is one of the Fortune 500;

  • The projects that invest RMB200 million, or above, in our county;

  • The enterprises have been identified as the national high and new technology enterprises

  • The enterprises authorized by Labor Departments that are able to annually provide 200, or above, employment opportunities for county people;

  • The investment enterprises whose annual tax payment reaches RMB 200,000 per mu.

Article V The new investment programs that rent office and industry workshops (without expropriation of construction land) and whose tax payment reaches RMB one million, or above, will be annually rewarded 50% of the county-collected revenue according to their actual tax payment within three years from the date of paying tax.
Article VI To encourage industrial enterprises to update technologies, the government will yearly award the enterprises 50% of the county-collected revenue according to their actual tax payment for the next three years, when it’s confirmed that its tax will increase by 30% after updating.
Article VII The “tax payment” in articles III, IV, V, VI, refers to the production and business taxes without constructing and immovable property tax.
Article VIII All the investment enterprises who are qualified to enjoy the above preferential measures, may choose the most favorable one. The multiple choices are not available.

Chapter 2 Land Preferential Policies

Article IX For key leading projects, the county people government is responsible for settling their land use quota to meet their requirement of construction land.
Article X The project that conforms to any item of Article IV and invest RMB1.2 million, or above, per mu, will enjoy the favor to buy land at cost price according to laws without paying land lease fee and additional infrastructure facility fee.
Article XI The new foreign investment industrial projects that drum up support from the provincial and municipal governments will obtain certain reward from county government for the their special contributions to land target

Chapter 3 Charge Preferential Policies

Article XII The new foreign investment projects, encouraged in the National Industrial Guidance Catalogue and fitting in with our county’s industry development plan and guide, are free from county administrative and institutional fees within three years from the date of production. The service fees will be charged according to the minimum standards examined by price department.

Chapter 4 Other Preferential Policies

Article XIII All the “Famous Trademarks of China”,“National Brand Product”, as well as the new listed companies will be awarded RMB500,000 by the county government.
Article XIV The Financial Coordination Organization gives extra-supports to the introduced projects on financing on the basis of independent loan audit. The eligible enterprises will be vouched by the county guarantee company to raise capital.
Article XV The children of foreign investors enjoy the same rights of education and employment as local people.
Article XVI To perfect the external supporting facilities, the necessary water, electricity, gas, heating, transportation and communication departments should offer the priority to be investors. And the price standard is refers to the lowest one of local business.
Article XVII Reward the intermediaries and information providers according to the Wangcheng Reward Measures for the Intermediaries and Information-providers in Attracting Investments.

Wangcheng People’s Government Office
Issued on March 19th, 2009


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