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Preferential investment policies, low investment costs.
    "Three lows" refer to the following points. The first is low price of land acquisition, flexible ways of payment for land. Preferential land price is provided for extra-large projects .For the projects with an investment value above RBM 10 Million yuan, the city-level profit deduction and reserve from the land acquisition cost is exempted. For temporary land, the acquisition cost can be exempted upon approval. Once going through authentication and appraisal, the land acquisition cost for tourist project development might be collected according to preferential principles otherwise stipulated. The second is the low price of water utilization. The industrial water price is 10% lower than the present regular price. If the water demand is great enough, the enterprises might set up their own water supply systems upon approval (only the water resource cost is collected). The third point is the low price of electricity. The price of industrial electricity usage in the Park and Zone is 10 % lower than the present regular price Moreover, except routine checkup, the power supply won't  be cut all year round . "Two Supports" include the following points. For one thing, it means the social security supporting policy .The social security of new productive enterprises Js allowed to be implemented step by step. For another, it  means the financial and tax supporting policy. Apart from the national and provincial related lax preferential policies, the investors also enjoy the local financial department' s tax bonus supporting policy and reduction  or exemption of administrative taxes.

Zixing to Undertake Industry Transfer with the Optimist Platform

Zixing, regarding platform construction as its basic work of undertaking industry transfer, has successively invested more than 1.1 billion yuan for improving the infrastructure of Luowei food industrial park, Jiangbei industrial park and Dongjiang foreign trade and export processing industrial park in Zixing economic development zone, building up the structure of “One Zone with Three Industrial Parks”, and in accordance with the belief of city construction, enhancing the complete function of the comprehensive services of the park, promoting its attraction and comprehensive carrying capacity. So far, over 20 enterprises like Jinhao Camellia Oil Co., Ltd, Shenhe Liquor Industry Co., Ltd, and Tang Dynasty Rice Noodle Co., Ltd were successively settled down and put into production in Dongjiang Luowei food industrial park covering 133 hectares. The total investment reaches 1 billion yuan more which includes 20 million yuan from Jinhao Camellia Oil Co, Ltd for the trial production of the first phase project and 30 billion yuan of investment plan as well as the purchase of 13 333 square meters for the second phase contract. Jiangbei industrial park, oriented towards metallurgy, chemical engineering, building materials, and machinery in industry project, has improved the framework of road net such as Fenghuang Road and  West Dongjiang Road with an investment of 2400 million yuan. The 220 KV substation under construction with an investment of 1300 million yuan will be completed and put into use by the end of this year. So far over 30 big enterprises and projects have settled in the zone including Huaxin Nonferrous Metal Co., Ltd, Zhantai Aluminum Co., Ltd, Xinge Aluminum Co., Ltd, Chuangxing LED Co., Ltd and Sumite LED Co., Ltd. with a total investment of over 7 billion yuan. The annual sales revenue can reach 10 billion yuan more.

Interim Provisions of Zixing City to Encourage Investment in the Construction of Standard Workshops

Article 1 This provisions is formulated in accordance with relevant laws, regulations and policies to further carry on the industry transfer of coastal areas, encourage investment and business start up, and support the development of SMEs.

Article 2  Standard workshops are planned to be built in the Jiangbei Industrial Park for industrial production and processing.

Article 3  Enterprise legal persons, social natural persons (hereinafter referred to as “investors”) are to be encouraged to make investment in the construction of standard workshops.

Article 4  The construction mode of standard workshops

1.      to undertake development and construction on tracts of land

2.      to carry on the construction as requested by the leaser

3.      to build in accordance with the design provided by the Jiangbei Industrial Park

Article 5  Return on investment patterns of the construction of standard plants:

1. The premium benefits. After the completed project are checked and accepted, 20% of its total cost which is accredited and affirmed by the municipal financial assessment center will be returned to the “Investors” as the principal, the remaining part will be returned over a period of four years, while 5% of the total cost is the annual return on investment; after all the principal has been returned in five years, there are still ten more years for the “Investors” to get 12% of the total project cost each year for return on investment. The property rights of the standard plants belong to the municipal government and its rent is charged by the Zixing Economic Development Zone.  

2. The return pattern of tax share. After the completion of standard plants, the local government will collect tax from the manufacturer tenant, and 10% -50% of the tax deducing the collection cost is for return on investment, with the return period of 4-10 years, and property rights owned by the investors in plant construction.  

 Investors can only choose one of the above mentioned two return patterns, and the Investors should be paid tax for the returned capital according to the law.

Article 6 The right to the use of the construction land for standard plants is obtained through the following channels:

1.      If the “Investors” choose the return pattern of premium benefits, it is unnecessary for them to obtain the right to the use of the construction land.

2.      If they choose the return pattern of tax share, they can obtain the construction land in a price no less than stipulated by the Ministry of Land and Resources by way of bidding, auction and listing.

3.      Village groups can obtain the right to the use of the construction land through buying shares with their land.

Article 7 The preferential policies during the construction of the standard plants include: for the construction of workshops, canteen, staff quarters and other related infrastructure projects, all kinds of administrative fees will be exempted, except those turned over to the central and provincial government; and other service charge will be equal to 50% of the minimum standard.

Article 8 The standard plants construction project must be commenced within six months as of the date of approval, otherwise the land departments will reclaim the right to the use of land without compensation according to the law. If this project has not completed within two years, and it will no longer enjoy the policy of return on investment stipulated in Article 5 of this provisions.

Article 9 The provisions applies to a single project with a scale of over 5000m2 (including 5000 m2).  

Article 10 When self-building a standard plant for his own use, the “Investors” can refer to the regulations, but can not enjoy other preferential policies.  

Article 11 The Economic Development Zone is responsible for organizing the implementation of the provisions, and it has the power of interpretation.  

Article 12 The provisions will be implemented as of the date of promulgation, with its trial period of two years.

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