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As the center in 500 km radius scope, Wangcheng has a population of 300 million, not only possessing 66 million population market in Hunan, but the first choice to enter into the market in Hubei Province, Jiangxi Province, Chongqin Province, Uunlan Province and Guizhou Province.

With the promotion for National Comprehensive Supporting Reform Trial Areas of " two-oriented society " and the pilot area of Changsha’s Big Hexi, Wangcheng is facing an unprecedented development challenge on the basis of the perfect infrastructure, excellent natural conditions, a good industrial base and broad developing space. 


The traffic in Wangcheng is very convenient because of its excellent location near the capital of Changsha, the well-developed railroadairline shipping and the fast developing highway network.

Wangcheng has formed a relatively complete transportation network . There are Jingzhu Highway, Changsha Highway, 319 State Highway, Changsha Second Ring Road, Changsha Third Ring Road, Changtan West Line Highway etc. The road transportation is very convenient.

Wangcheng is the largest inland river harbor near Xianing Port of Xiangjiang River, with annual container throughput of 60,000 TEU. Xiaing Port in the western bank of Xiangjiang River is to construct 2,000-ton-level special-purpose wharves.

Three important railroads, Beijing-Guangzhou Line, Hunan-Guizhou Line and Zhejiang-Jiangxi Line gather in Changsha.
Two railroads Jingguang Line and Shichang Line pass through the north and south. Wangcheng Railway Station of Shichang Railroad established in Wangcheng is link to these railroads: Jingguang Line, Liuzhi Line ,Luozhan Line, and so on.

Wangcheng County, only 38 km away from Huanghua International Airport and about 40 minutes by bus or car.

Logistic in Wangcheng is perfect. Dingzi Logistic Park relying on Xianing New Port in the eastern of Xiangjiang River and Gaoxin Logistic Center relying on Shichang Railroad and freight Station were built to form a logistical center collection the function of storing, allocation, processing, trading, information and settlement.


Wangcheng has large amount of power facilitieswhich can generate enough electricity for industrial production.

Changsha power plant with the installed capacity of 240KV and Black Elks’ Peak storage power stationthe of 240KV pumped has built to generate power in Wangcheng, .

There are six sets of 35KV transformer substation, seven sets of 110 KV, two sets of 220 KV and one set of 500 KV.

Wangcheng also has a 150,000 to 300,000 ton water plant for daily water supply. Meanwhile, it has connected to Changsha water pipe network, so adequate water for industrial use can be guaranteed.

Two sewage treatment plants with daily processing capacity of 160,000 tonnes are in operation.

The broadband network, telecommunications and cable TV has covered the whole county, and natural gas pipeline network has covered the Gaoxing Plate and throughout Wangcheng Economic Development Zone.

Wangcheng has a supporting facilities, you can enjoy the high-quality service in the international city of Changsha in the aspects of living, medical care, education, entertainment, shopping, etc.
In addition, Wangcheng has a unique five-star eco-hotel in Hunan - Preess Resort & Hotel
the only international standard stadium lights in Hunan – Dragon Lake International Golf Course. There also are plenty of villas and comfortable houses to sale or lease at the price 40% lower than that in urban Changsha .
Changsha has a well-developed financial industry. Many large-scaled domestic financial institutions established businesses branch in Wangcheng.
Changsha, there are 37 colleges and universities, 97 research and development institutions, all kinds of scientific and technical personnel more than twenty hundred thousand people; Wangchang County has 8 colleges and universities, two state-level secondary vocational schools, adequate high-level scientific research personnel and professionals and technicians.

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