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A World First-Class Historical Park in Wangcheng

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A World First-Class Historical Park to Be Constructed in Wangchen County 

    Tongguanyao Kiln located in Wangcheng County is one of the three major cultural relic sites under the state-level protection in Hunan province. It’s not surprising that the construction project for the preservation of the historical site has always attracted people’s wide attention. The administration office of the kiln ruins revealed on Nov.30 that the preliminary construction scheme has been formulated. According to the scheme, a national archaeological park and the Tongguanyao Kiln Museum will be built and every effort should be exerted on building the park into a world first-class historical park which represents the prosperity of the Tang Dynasty (618-907).

    The archaeological park is set to be constructed within a separate area of two square kilometers based on the preservation plan. The park will have six functional sectors, including the exhibition hall for the preserved cultural relic articles, the museum to display the cultural connotation and porcelains of the kiln site, the Tongguanyao Kiln Research Center, the archaeological excavation site and porcelain workshop, firing workshop for porcelain souvenirs and imitation works and the cultural recreation center.

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