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Food & Mdedicine Industry Cluster

Hunan Wantwant Food Co., Ltd.

Want Want began operations with I Lan Foods Industrial Co.,Ltd in Taiwan. Want Want officially invested in the China market and became a pioneer in registering the first Taiwanese trademark and now owns the most registered trademarks in China.

Want Want Group, is the largest rice cracker manufacturer in the world. Apart from rice crackers, it also has a diverse product portfolio, which included Gummies and Soft Chew Candies, Wafer Rolls and Puff Pastries, Ball Cake, Coated Nuts, Ice Popsicles, Biscuits, Milk and Beverages, and Wines and Spirits etc.
Its quality products are exported to over 50 countries worldwide and are being enjoyed by millions of consumers everyday. Want Want Group is the company to contact if you are looking for a reliable quality supplier or a long term business partner for your markets.

Free Hot-line: 800-820-5111

Hunan Ava Dairy Co., Ltd.

Combined by the optimized business assets of Wangcheng Dairy Industry Zone and Yahua Binjiale Dairy Co., Ltd., Hunan Yahua Dairy Co., Ltd. was established as a Sub-company of (and with 100% capital invested by) Hunan Yahua Seeds Co., Ltd., which has the total assets of about 2.2 billion Yuan RMB. The mother company entered the stock market at Shenzhen Exchange on July 20th 1999, with the main business as dairy, seeds and real estate property.

In 2002, the rapid development of the two main businesses (dairy and seeds) brought about a total sales income of 722 million Yuan RMB, with the business profit as 250 million Yuan RMB. And the dairy section of Yahua Group was listed as one of the “Ten Industrial Symbol Projects of Hunan Province”.

Australia Dairy (Hunan) Co., Ltd.

Ausnutria Dairy Corporation Ltd. is a leading paediatric milk formula company in the PRC marketNote. We are principally engaged the production, distribution and sale of high-priced and premium-priced paediatric milk formula products in the PRC market, one of the fastest-growing milk formula markets in the world. Our paediatric milk formula products are produced from high quality milk powder imported from Australia

Tel: (86 731) 8222 9278
Fax: (86 731) 8222 9708

Changsha Tangrenshen Camel Feed Co., Ltd.

Tangrenshen Group Company Limited is a modern shareholding enterprise jointly invested by the strong alliance of three of the shareholders: China Agricultural University; China Meat Products Research Center and also Hong Kong Tai Sang Feeds Company Limited. It represents a classic example of the intimate co-operations of an intellectual capital, an industrial capital as well as a foreign investment capital. It was the first batch of our country’s leading agro-enterprises nominated and honored by the Central Government, and over 40% of its employees are university graduates, Masters or PhDs.

 The "Camel" feeds has become one of the well-known brand names within the country. The consistent product quality and superb customer services have won high praise from the customers. The slogans " A Bloom Of The Feed Industry; Camel Enriches Millions Of Home” is well recognized throughout the country.

Tel: 86-0731-8051828

Fax: 86-0731-8051838

Add: 6, Renhe Road, Agricultural Technology Park, Wangcheng

P.C.: 410200

Hunan Paipai Food Co., Ltd.

Hunan Sedrin Beer Co., Ltd.


Non-ferrous Metal and New Material Processing Industry Group

Hunan Zoomlion Heavy Industry Sci-tech Development Co., Ltd.

Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Zoomlionstock code is 000157), which was founded in 1992, is a hi-tech public companywith nearly 20,000 employees. With a sound corporate governance structure and good faith for the concept of enterprise culture system, Zoomlion is recommended as: " typical of the listed companies operated under modern enterprise system " by the China Securities Regulatory Commission and State Economic and Trade Commission.

Address: Zoomlion Science Park, Yinpen South Road 361, Changsha, Hunan

Zipcode: 410013

Fax: 0731-8880751788807313


Hunan Jinlong (International) Copper Industrial Co., Ltd.


Modern Agriculture Industry Group

Hunan DBN Co., Ltd.

DBN AST was established by Beijing DaBeiNong Science and Technology Group Company, Ltd. (DBN group) in 1999, with RMB one million allocated in each implementation to reward the researchers with outstanding achievements in applied agricultural science and research. By implementing DBN AST, DBN group would like to draw more attentions and concerns of the societies on agriculture, agricultural science and research, as well as agricultural scientists and researchers, and encourage more and more agricultural experts, scholars to team up and make great contributions to the agriculture development in China.
  A total of 1307 projects were admitted in the previous five DBN AST implementations, and 124 applicants were awarded. The picture on the left is the spectacular event of the 3rd DBN AST Awarding Ceremony, and a total of 30 applicants were awarded

Taiwan Hsin Tung Yang Co., Ltd.

Hsin Tung Yang, HTY, or New Horizon is a food service company originating in Taiwan. The company first started operations in 1967 under the name "Hsin Tung Yang Barbecue Meat Company" and established itself as a company in 1972.

HTY specializes primarily in meat and pork products such as meat floss, and pork jerky. In recent years the company have expanded production into dried mullet roe and various Chinese tea snacks.


Modern Real Estate Industry Group

Hutchison-whampoa Co., Ltd.

Hutchison Whampoa Limited (HWL) is a leading international corporation committed to innovation and technology with businesses spanning the globe. Its diverse array of holdings range from some of the world's biggest port operators and retailers to property development and infrastructure to the most technologically-advanced and marketing-savvy telecommunications operators. HWL reports turnover of approximately HKD348 billion (USD45 billion) and HKD141 billion (USD18 billion) for the year ended 31 December 2008 and for the six months ended 30 June 2009 respectively. With operations in 54 countries and approximately 220,000 employees worldwide, Hutchison has five core businesses - ports and related services; property and hotels; retail; energy, infrastructure, investments and others; and telecommunications.

Evergrande Estate Group

Evergrande Real Estate Group Limited is modern national large and comprehensive real estate developer leading in China and ranking among Top 10 Chinese Real Estate Enterprises for six successive years. It has a real estate development enterprise with Grade I qualification, an architectural design and planning research institute with Grade A qualification in China, an architectural construction company with Grade I qualification in China and a property management company with Grade I qualification in China. It has developed into one of the most influential real estate enterprises in China.

Changsha Rose Garden


Printing Packing Industry Group

Hunan News Publishing Sci-tech Park

Hunan Daily Newspaper Group

AVIC Landing Adanced Manufacturing Corp.

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