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Wangcheng is a new industrial base in a period of rapid increasing on economic development.
Wangcheng comprehensive economic strength among Top 3 in Hunan Province and Top 10 in 6 Provinces of Central China.
Food processing, non-ferrous metals, advanced manufacturing, energy chemical industry, modern agriculture, modern services, etc. become the leading industries of the county's economy.
Wangcheng’s county-wide industrial development layout are scientific and reasonable with obvious characteristics.
Wangcheng Economic Development Zone --- Advanced manufacture and non-ferrous metal processing
Hunan Provincial Taiwanese Investment Zone --- Taiwanese enterprises
Hunan Provincial High-tech Food Industry Base --- Food processing and producing
Hunan Wangcheng National Agricultural Science and Technology Park --- Modern agriculture
Hunan Changsha Circulation Economic Industrial Base --- Energy chemical industry and circulation industry
Dingzi Industry and Logistics Zone --- Processing& manufacturing and business logistics
Bai Ruopu Ecological Agricultural Model District --- Modern agricultural,
recreation and tourism
WuShang Bringing Affluent Life to People by Creating More New Business and Competiveness Base --- Small and Medium-sized enterprises



At present, Wangcheng Economic Development Zone of Hunan has attracted more than 10 home and broad companies whose stocks went to the market from 8 nations and regions to invest here. They are US, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and so on. There are over 100 nationwide even worldwide famous enterprises coming here, they are Want-want Food Factory, Jinlong Copper Industry, US Ao Ci Company, Sedrin Beer Stuff, Yahua Dairy Industry, Bright Paipai Dairy Industry, Ao You Dairy Product, ShenTong Sci-technology, Zooliom Heavy Industry, CNAC Landing Gear, Oceania Plastic, Changsha High-voltage Switch, Hai Tian Electro, Hunan Non-ferrous Mental, Tangrenshen, Da Bei Nong, Xijie Feed, Tai Jia New Material and so on.

Food & Medicine

Taking Want-want Road as the axle center, the food medicine park which contains the main item Want-want Food Factory, Yahua Dairy Industrial Co., Ltd, Ao You Daily Industrial Co., Ltd, Sedrin Beer stuff, Tian Long Medicine Producing, Xin Hui Medicine Producing and so on has formed and prominently developed food medicine industry.

Non-ferrous Material & advanced Manufacturing Industry

Taking Jinxing Main Road as the spool Thread, an industry garden of non-ferrous Material processing opened and a lot of enterprises including Shengtong Science & Technology Co., Ltd, Jinlong Copper Industry, Zoomlion Heavy Industry, Taijia Science & Technology and so on cake here.

Agricultural Industrial Processing

A large quantities of agricultural projects successively invest in Hunan Agricultural Science & Technology Garden surrounding food medicine garden and the new material industry garden. A lot of agricultural projects come here including Taiwan New Dongyang, South Korea Xi Jie, Lingge Wood Industry, Dabeinong, Dacheng and Hundred-Fruit Garden and so on.

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