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Hunan Wangcheng Economic Development Zone

Hunan Wangcheng Economic Development Zone is a provincial level development zone, consisting of the Hunan Hi-tech Food Industry Base, Hunan Taiwan Investment Zone, and Hunan Wangcheng (National) Agricultural Science Park. Total planned area of WEDZ (the abbreviation of Wangcheng Economic Development Zone) is 35 square kilometers, of which about 7 square kilometers are now built. WEDZ is located in Wangcheng County of Changsha new city suburb, in the region of pan-Zhujiang Delta Economic Opening area, and the core of the Hexi Pilot Area for Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan Two-Type Society Test Area. It faces Leifeng Avenue and Jinxing Avenue to the east, and is near the 3rd Ring Road of Changsha, the Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway, Changsha-Changde Expressway ,and National Highway G319. It is 38 km away from Huanghua International Airport, and 2 km away from Thousand-ton dock of the Xiangjiang River.
WEDZ follows the idea of specialty and professionalism, and gradually established a backbone structure of medicine and food, new materials, and machinery manufacturing, printing and packaging, and modern agriculture. Over 130 companies including Wantwant Food, Ausnutria Dairy, Yahua Dairy, InBev Sedrin, Suntown Technology, Jinlong Copper, Zoomlion, Landing-gear Advanced, Bioally Technology, and Taijia New Materials have been introduced here, including 93 industrial companies, of which 53 have put into production, and 25 have realized an annual output value of over 100 million RMB, seven of which have realized revenue of over 10 million RMB. In 2007, WEDZ accomplished an industrial output value of 8.73 billion RMB, and financial revenue of 301 millionRMB.  As of 2007, WEDZ has accumulatively resettled more than 7800 laborers, and realized good economic and social benefits. A consummate policy, administration, and management system has bveen established in the development zone, and 8 functions, including Land and Resources, Planning, Construction, City Management, Industrial & Commercial Bureau, Taxation, and Public Security have set up offices in the development zone, providing one-stop approval, and non-stop service for companies. All county level administration approvals can be completed within WEDZ, so as to ensure proper production and managing order for enterprises.
Services agency: Foreign Investment Promotion Bureau
No.98 Wangcheng Avenue, Wangcheng County, Changsha, Hunan, China
PC: 410200
Tel: (86)731-8068778
Fax: (86)731-8079191

Hunan Changsha Tongguan Circulation Economy Industrial Base
Tongguan Circulation Economy Industrial Base provide a moving platform relying on Changsha Power Plant and the strategy from provincial and municipal government on ”bringing affluent life to people by creating more new business and competiveness”, “new-type industrialization” and building Changsha-Zhuxhou-Xiangtan Urban Agglomeration to be National Comprehensive Supporting Reform Trial Areas to build a Resource Conserving and Environment Friendly Society and the pilot area of Big Hexi. Unified management and governance of the enterprises gathering together will achieve industrial "three wastes" to achieve the national emission standards. An overall improvement in water quality in Xiangjiang River, regional air quality of the environment and the ecological environment, to build the city of Changsha, Zhuzhou and Xiangtan three livable cities.
Tongguan Circulation Economy Industrial Base obtained license in July, 2008 with a total planning area of 11.68 km2. Taking high- effective resource and circulation use as a core, it makes unremitting endeavoure to develop resource chemical and circulation industry.

Add: Dianguang Avenue, Tongguan Town, Wangcheng County
: 410203
TEL: 0731-88207777

Fax: 0731-88204738


 Hunan Wangcheng National Agricultural Science and Technology Park
Hunan Wangcheng National Agricultural Sci-tech Park approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology in September 2001, is one of the first 21 National agricultural science and technology parks, and the only national agricultural science and technology park in Hunan Province.
There are 3 circles in the park which is located in the western suburb of Wangcheng County in Changsha City of Hunan Province, including 100,000 Chinese mu as core zone, demonstration zone and radiation zone covering an area of 554,500 Chinese mu, with a plan for "one zone with eight bases". Da Zong Yuan modern agriculture demonstration zone includes the core area of agriculture and agricultural products processing base. Getang Village, planning to build high-quality seeds and seedlings base; Qiaokou Town planning for high- efficient breeding base, Wushang Town and Huangjin Village for pollution-free vegetable base; Wushang Town for flower seedlings base as well; Bai Ruopu Town is the agriculture base for entertainment and Chating Town and Dongcheng Town on the eastern bank of Xiangjiang River as the central planting base for high-quality Camellia oleifera. Among these bases, high-quality seeds and seedlings, rice plantingand high-efficient breeding base comprise the core area in modern agricultural demonstration zone.
In recent years, RMB 580 million yuan has invested to improve infrastructure and a series of preferential policies for land, tax and talented people have been issued. 47 projects for feeding & planting processing, such as Long Ping High-Tech, Institute of Bast Fiber Crops and Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Hunan Xiangyun, Xiulong Rice Industry, Hong Yuan Breeding, Bright Paipai Dairy Industry, Yahua Dairy Industry, settled here with a total investment about RMB 1.8 billion yuan.

Add: Wenyuan Road (W), Gaotangling, Wangcheng County

P.C.: 410200

Tel/Fax: 0731-88062186


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