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Tongguan Circular Economic Industrial Base Heat Supply

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Tongguan Circular Economic Industrial Base of Wangcheng Economic Development Zone Heat Supply Engineering Construction Project

Project Unit: Tongguan Circular Economic Industrial Base of Wangcheng Economic Development Zone Development & Construction Investment Co., Ltd.  

Add: Dianchang Avenue, Tongguan Town, Wangcheng County

P.C: 410203  

Project Content:

The Project intends to construct heat supply engineering by application of residual heat of Changsha Power Plant as heat resources so as to meet heat energy requirements of Tongguan Circular Economic Industrial Base. It not only brings economic benefit to Changsha Power Plant but also reduces power consumption and production cost of enterprises using heat energy. The Project makes full use of residual heat through effective circulation so as to promote clean production. Therefore it has both economic and social benefit.
It covers an area of approx. 2.67 hectare and has total investment of USD17.14 million. Its total heat supply area is 30,000 m2. Heat supply scale is 120 ton/h. Heat supply system is composed by 2300m steam pipe, main transferring station, secondary station, regulatory station and service section of heat supply. Customers will pay facilities fees, supporting fees and steam using fees according to own demand. Direct economic benefit may reach USD6.17 million per year. 

Total Investment of the Project: USD17.14 million  

Cooperation Modes: BOT mode or investing cooperation  

Contact Person: Zhao Yongchao 

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