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Meixi Lake Ecological Leisure International Exhibition Base

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Meixi Lake Ecological Leisure International Exhibition Base Construction Project

Project Unit: Wangcheng Bureau of Investment Promotion and Cooperation
Add.: No. 20, West Wenyuan Rd., Gaotangling Town, Wangcheng County, 410200
Project Content:
Wangcheng New Binjiang City Development Project is confirmed as a key project by Party Committee and People’s Government of Wangcheng County to support the newly starting construction project of north part of Xiaoxiang Avenue. It has been ranked into key projects of Changsha Dahexi Pioneer Zone. The Project is located in scenery zone of Xiangjiang River, Wangcheng County from Xiangjiang River in the east, Yuelu District, Changsha City in the south, Jinxing Avenue in the west and Gaoshaji—debouchure of Sancha River of Wangcheng in the north. It passes through two towns of Wangcheng County; namely Xingcheng Town and Gaotangling Town. Land of the Project belongs to plot of “Gaoxing group” in 2020 general program of Changsha. According to “two-oriented society” construction of Changsha, Zhuzhou and Xiangtan and layout of Changsha Pioneer Zone, the whole Wangcheng County has been brought into scope of Changsha urban construction. External road network passes through the Project from its east to west. Therefore it has excellent transportation advantages. Water Plant can supply 150 thousand ton water per year, and its main water supply pipeline has been laid in the area. There is 110KV Xingcheng Power Station, and its installed capacity is 2×315MVA. Some gas pipelines have been connected. Communication, broadband networks and cable television are fully equipped. Plan has been made out to construct supporting facilities including bus stations and parks. Infrastructure will be complete gradually. Moon Island, Daigong Temple, relic of Beijin City and Gushan Forest Park in the area are endowed with developing potential of tourism projects. Its surrounding real estate develops prosperously, such as Changsha Rose Garden, Pearl of the Orient, Wolong Lake and Heji Hhuangpu some of which have finished construction, and others are under busy construction.
Adhering to principle of “layout at high starting-point, design at high standards, develop at high grade, the Project intends to create a modern, ecological, multi-functional and fashionable new city specialized in commerce, dwelling, shopping, leisure.
Total Investment of the Project: USD6428.57 million
Cooperation Modes: sole proprietorship, cooperation, developing integrally or in single projects by dividing it into plots.

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