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Tongguan Incinerating Center Incinerating Treatment Center

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Wangcheng Economic Development Zone Tongguan Circular Economy Industry Base Incinerating Treatment Center of Solid Waste Construction Project

Project unit: Wangcheng Economic Development Zone Tongguang Circular Economy Industry Base Development & Construction Investment Co., Ltd.

 Add: Dianchang Avenue, Tongguan Town, Wangcheng County.

 P.C: 410203

 Project Content: By means of incinerating treatment, plenty of solid waste becomes disposable or reusable circular aseptic ash which has little influence to environment. The system can be continuously applied in a whole day. During incinerating solid material, heat energy is produced and can be applied to generate power and supply heat. Hence the Project intends to construct solid waste incineration & treatment center in Wangcheng County.
The Project covers an area of approx. 1.33 hectare and has total investment of USD2.86 million. System of the Project includes feeding system, incinerating furnace, exhaust heat boiler, heat exchanger, dust catcher, draught fan and chimney etc. The system is free of smoke, foul smell and secondary environmental pollution. Service life of the main furnace body excesses 10 years. Project facilities are applicable to treat industrial waste, hazardous waste, medical waste and common garbage and waste. Calculating according to yearly industrial solid waste of 3000 ton and treatment charge of USD285.71/ton, it brings directly economic benefit of USD0.86 million every year. In addition, this system can recycle exhaust heat for enterprises to supply heat. It has both social and economic benefit.


Total Investment of the Project: USD2.86 million

Cooperation Modes: BOT mode or investment cooperation

Contact Person: Zhao Yongchao

Tel.: 0731-8207777, 13808439171 

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