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Depending on Changsha, the provincial capital city of Hunan and the developed railroad, aviation as well as the fast developing highway network, Wangcheng is extremely convenient with other main cities in China.

Wangcheng Economic Development Zone of Hunan is near Xianing Port of Xiangjiang River, the yearly container volume of goods handled of which is 60000 standard boxes. Thousand-ton-level steamboats may navigate four seasons.

Xianing Port which is in the Western Bank of Xiangjiang River 3 km away from the northeast of the development zone is arranging to construct 1000-ton-level special-purpose wharves.

The railway transportation of the Development Zone is very convenient.

Three important railroads, Beijing-Guangzhou railroad, Hunan-Guizhou railroad, and Zhejiang-Jiangxi railroad, gather in Changsha. Two railroads, Jingguang Line and Shichang Line, pass through the north and south, west and east in Wangcheng.

Wangcheng Railway Station of Shichang Railroad established in the development zone is link to the railroads: Beijing-Guangzhou railroad, Liuzhi railroad, luoyang-zhanjiang railroad and so on, is where a large amount of cargos may arrive in each place by train.

A quite perfect transportation entwor is well done in Wangcheng Economic Zone.

There are Leifeng Main Road, Vernus Main Road, Xingcheng Main Road join t Jingzhu ighway, Changsha Highway, 319 State Highway, Changsha Second Circuits, Changsha Third Circuits, Changtan Highway Western Line and son on. The road transportation is exceedingly convenient.

Cargos may be shipped to entire Hunan in 4 hours, 8 hours to Guangzhou and 12 hours to Shanghai by road.

Wangcheng Economic Development Zone of Hunan is only 38 km apart from Huanghua International Airport. It takes about 40 minutes by car.

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