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City Planning

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Core of the Chang-Zhu-Tan City Cluster

Wangcheng County is now faced with unprecedented opportunities for development. In building a “Two-Oriented” Society in Chang-Zhu-Tan city cluster as a Comprehensive Supporting Reform Trial Area, Wangcheng is the only whole county incorporated into the core area of the city cluster. In light of the strategy of “Building the large west bank of Xiangjiang River, and forging the pilot area” deployed by the Changsha Municipal CPC Committee and Changsha Municipal Government, Wangcheng, which has been incorporated into the overall program as the pilot area, will be planned and constructed according to the standards of the main city.


Ecology & Harmony

Wangcheng will highlight two types in industrial development, ecology in environmental construction, and harmony in social construction. It is committed to building a “First pilot and test area, model of scientific development, demonstration area of coordination of urban and rural areas, and new county suitable for human habitation”. By 2011, the building area of the county will have been expanded to 30 square kilometers with the urban population of over 200 million. The local GDP will have reached 30 billion yuan, the industrial output value 50 billion yuan, and the fiscal revenue 3 billion yuan.


One County, Two Belts, Three Zones

The county has proposed its future strategic layout of “Highlighting one county, developing two belts, and forging three zones”. Highlighting one county is to build a large Wangcheng county. Developing two belts is to construct the Eco-Economical Belt along the Xiangjiang River and Modern Agriculture Demonstration Belt on Jincheng Avenue. Forging three zones is to build three closely linked Economic Zones with distinctive features, namely Gaoxing, Hedong, and Dazhongyuan, in accordance with the principles of “Functional division, dislocation development, contiguous development and overall advancement”.

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